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Relationships, no matter how hard we work at them, sometimes end, and sometimes end poorly.  It might be the end of a marriage where partners simply can’t work out their differences.  It might be a non-marriage relationship where there is a child involved.  You may already be divorced, or have obtained a paternity judgment, and need to petition the Court for a change in the custody or support arrangements for your child because of a change in circumstances.  At some point, everyone who’s found themselves in one of these situations has asked themselves these questions: what happens next, and where can I go for help?

I can help you with those questions.

My name is Josephina Manifold, and I am an attorney with a single focus: helping people who need an attorney to fight for them on their family law matters.  If your marriage is ending, you are entitled to an equitable distribution of any marital assets.  If you have children, you have a continuing right to a relationship with your children.  You may even be entitled to custody of your children, and a reasonable amount from your ex-spouse for their support.  If you’ve broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have a child together, you also have the right to see your child.  Just because the relationship has ended with your significant other, you are still the child’s parent, and it is what is in the child’s best interest that matters.

Experience in All Areas of Family Law

Modern family law procedures are often complex and confusing under the best of circumstances, and the circumstances that led to you needing assistance at this time are rarely the best of circumstances.  My practice can help you with all of your family law issues, including, but not limited to:


Why Choose Us?

Choosing the correct Family Law attorney to represent you at this difficult time is one of the most important decisions that you will ever need to make.  Here are some reasons that you should allow my firm to help you with your representation:

  1. I care about my clients.  You are not just a number or a file to me.  I understand that you are a person who needs to have their questions answered, and will treat you with the respect that you deserve.
  1. I will listen to you, and do my best to address any concerns that you have regarding your case.  Many firms will constantly pass you around to a series of clerks or assistants, none of whom can answer your questions.  You have my promise that all concerns that you may have will be addressed in a prompt and professional manner.
  1. I will stay in contact with you.  A chief complaint that many people have regarding their attorneys is that they never hear about what’s going on with their case.  I will ensure that you are always aware of what is happening with your case so that you can make the best decisions going forward.  If you contact me via e-mail or telephone and I am not available, I will see to it that your contact is returned as soon as possible, which in many cases may be within a few hours of your call.

Contact Us Today

I have made it my life’s work to help people just like you.  Once you have decided that I am the attorney that you want helping you, contact me today at (317)759-2672 so that we can discuss the important steps that need to be taken to secure your rights, your children’s rights, and how to best approach your problems at this difficult and trying time.

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